We did it – Batty style

Hi everyone, Man I have been jazzed up all day!  Today is all about putting up more Bat content.   It started with yesterday’s 9am presentation for the SPCA Orlando location. SPiCEY son had a sleepy shower and did lots of eyerubbing (little known fact – homeschooler’s SLEEP IN).   ;D While he was doing […]

Canning Extravaganza!!

Whew another whirlwind day! S.P.i.C.E. sponsored a Canning class at our wonderful friend Fran’s. We spent 4 hours with homeschool families and friends alike sharing Fran’s knowledge. First up ~ we learned how to use a pressure cooker making canned tomatoes. It was so inspiring to see kids from ages 9-12 all together washing, peeling […]

New class – March25!

Thanks to inspiration from my friend Cat, we will be engaging in a Canning 101 class at the end of March. We will learn the basics of; pressure cooking with stewed tomatoes, hot water bath with strawberry jam and then learn how to dehydrate snacks like strawberries So excited to share this knowledge and fantastic way […]

To the Ships!

Yesterday, despite the Irish gales a blowin’ we and 26 others braved Ponce Inlet, Florida. It was a great day! First, the kids scampered down the Ponce Inlet Park jetty past the snow-like sand blowing in drifts & delighted in getting sprayed at the end of the pier.   Then we stepped back in time to enjoy a […]

Bamboo flutes abound!!

Yesterday was a perfect day! Despite the initially concerning weather, we had 17 lovely folks making bamboo flutes at the Beautiful Bamboo Farm. – We started with a brief history overview. Then a couple of us at a time, learned how to cut the bamboo for our desired tone. – Mark and drill our holes […]

Your hands do the learning …

I believe that kids are innately kinesthetic learners and as such we are constantly on the look out for  unusual experiences that provide hands-on learning. We love sharing what we find …… Over this past week we went to a STEM event (science, technology, engineering & mathematics); *  We made dog toys for a local […]

After Christmas special

We hope you had/have a magical time with your loved ones this Holiday. =================================== For us, today was a recouping day! Leftovers for breakfast and lunch. No wrapping, driving, planning or running around. By this evening I felt back to normal and got inspired by the beautiful poblano peppers waiting to be stuffed and red […]

AR sandbox with Oliver Kreylos

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6fSS3cynDo   Now THIS is learning with purpose and style. We at S.P.i.C.E. aim to use innovative strategies and real life, to help children gain skills they can apply and extrapolate for other purposes. I would LOVE to make one of these tables and have classes. SPICEY Son was really excited about the raining feature. […]

Time on the farm – Wildflower Farm

Have you ever experienced something when you were young that you didn’t truly appreciate until you were older? That is what our visit at Wildflower Farm was like for me. I have come to the conclusion that like many, my early years have truly shaped me. This foundation has also helped me find peace and […]