SPiCEY mum’s art

SPiCEY mum’s idea of “making” art leans toward the digital and papercraft.

I have made designs for t-shirts, pictures for cards, websites, and the like. Here is a dedicated page with some of the items that I have created…….

Note:    Most of these are not made from scratch – I haven’t been fabulous with getting what’s in my head into the pencil & paper form, so I find pieces or shapes I like and then manipulate them to be my own. This has became a “work around” for my frequent project specific needs.

Taking art classes has been on my “to do list” for at least a decade.  SPiCEY son has shown some interest, so we may just take a homeschool class I’ve got my eye on.  :} Enjoy.

                                                Some of these have larger images – click to enlarge  This first one, I’m especially happy about – it has a permanent place at the top!  😀


It was made in gimp – as we were learned to use the software for our Minecraft mod class. scale

SPiCEY son made this for 2014, as it’s the year of the horse [the green wood horse] to be specific.



These are the most recent 2014 items for Pollination Relation & Bats classes…..

Yucca_verbage_final  Atala_Coontie_verbage_final copy   Butterfly_info_coin_cut_edges    Bat_info_coin copy


Butterfly_landscape  This found it’s way into 2 presentations in 2014 and is a rework.

Hertiage Card swap picture   This was the front of a card, for our homeschool groups Heritage card swap in 2013.

SPICE-simple-logo SM  We got business cards and t-shirts in  April 2014 which was fun.  🙂


hugelkultur with tree n food copy An example of hugelkultur for a presentation we did in 2013.


Toilet_seat invite  Invitation to a birthday party fall of 2013


WWW sticker copySticker for birthday part in 2013


Pita simple logo copy Made for a pet sitting service the end of 2013.


Green Spiral OPD ethics n greener FINAL This is hubby’s favorite. I made it for a t-shirt design in fall 2012.




A t-shirt and  sticker design for summer camp in 2011. It makes me smile.



Get Growing! bubble For a t-shirt and a gift bag for the end of school in 2011


SLI volunteer black logo with hand   Made for a volunteer apron in 2011.

Oscar in pot A happy Oscar t-shirt design for SPiCEY Hubby back in 2011.


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