MORE Batty for Boomerangs

Bats are totally misunderstood Sleeping_bat_watermark
and condemned by hollywood pictures to be thought of as dirty, blood sucking, scary creatures.

We have created a class / presentation to help educate people on the importance of bats in our ecosystem.  Attached my blog on our debut experience….


Here are some additional resources for you to peruse; from the basics, on up to how you can get more involved.

What are your experiences with bats? Have  other good resource to share?                                 We would love to hear from you.   ~^~   Enjoy!

Batty for Boomerangs Prezi:                                                    

I would rather have a bat colony than a swarm of mosquitoes in my yard!


Bat_activities copy


Visit copy

~     University of Florida Bat House

        Large easily-accessible free-tailed bat colony in Gainesville, Florida.

        An article about the bat houses here

~       Bat Belfrys Inc. – Merritt Island, FL

        Fall classes; learn about and watch  live bats leave their houses . For more information contact Shari Blisset-Clark at 321-890-6154 or

Watch copy


~        Live vampire bat cam        

Other things you can do copy

~        Adopt a bat


~ Create a bat habitat 

Plant Resources:


~ Teach others how wonderful and amazing bats are!

Bat house plans: 

~ Learn more about bats

Take a look at these skeletons…..


Note the amazing similarities in a humans structure compared to a bats

If humans had hands in a bat’s proportion – our fingers would be as long as our legs!!



May you know the SPiCE in life!






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