Bats and boomerangs

We are just a day away from our 2nd group of pollinator presentations this season. The SPCA summer camp is an interesting venue, the kids range from 3rd – 8th grade depending on the week and they are there to learn about animals.   What a perfect place to talk about pollinators and unsung heros […]

Garden schooling

Today was a banner day. It was one you mark on a calendar as perfect – or even think, wow I hit that out of the park! Hubby and I started S.P.i.C.E. and homeschooling because we wanted to be able to provide unique – hands on experiences – impacting families for a lifetime. By accidental […]

Bamboo flutes abound!!

Yesterday was a perfect day! Despite the initially concerning weather, we had 17 lovely folks making bamboo flutes at the Beautiful Bamboo Farm. – We started with a brief history overview. Then a couple of us at a time, learned how to cut the bamboo for our desired tone. – Mark and drill our holes […]

The Green Wood Horse?!

Welcome to 2014! And with 2014 it brings another member of the Chinese Zodiac, THE… Green Wood Horse! ALL HAIL THE WOOD HORSE! ALL HAIL THE WOOD HORSE! No seriously the Chinese New Year began Friday, and festivities are still going strong. We are all  excited! If you want some paper festive cheer, then you […]

Your hands do the learning …

I believe that kids are innately kinesthetic learners and as such we are constantly on the look out for  unusual experiences that provide hands-on learning. We love sharing what we find …… Over this past week we went to a STEM event (science, technology, engineering & mathematics); *  We made dog toys for a local […]

Heritage card garden reveal

Hi ya all – Wishing you a special 2013 Holiday season!                                         We made the picture below as part of a Holiday card for our home school community “Heritage card swap”. Or biggest traditions center around sharing our love for gardening – especially during this season.               […]

Thought of the day …. Thur Nov 21st

As we prepare to finish out this year – this quote made me pause with a pang of sadness as the guilt of humanity’s devastation rang true. ” What is proposed herein is that we have no right, nor any ethical justification, for clearing land or using wilderness while we tread over lawns, create erosion, […]

It’s almost here ….

This year’s local harvest festival is much anticipated by S.P.i.C.E.  as we have the pleasure of doing a free workshop for kids and adults  and that [teaching & learning]  is what WE are all about!  Come enjoy all that the 4th annual  event has to offer. The FREE day long festival is focused on growing […]

To Forage. I’m no expert…

but a few weeks back (I thought I had lost this post, but it “reappeared” today.  Hoorray!)  we had the pleasure of hearing none other than Green Deane talk about foraging. The first thing he said (which I didn’t know) is that in the State of Florida it is illegal to forage unless you are […]

What are you teaching today?

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi Let us teach that which aids our children in living harmoniously with Nature and makes the world around us a better place. May you know the SPiCE in life. AS