A banana pancake twist

So hubby works outside – in the Florida heat- for sometimes extremely long hours.

While we try and avoid things like gatorade, we DO try and keep his electrolytes at their peak.


Electrolytes are minerals in your body, including potassium,

One of the best ways to keep potassium levels at optimum is with (you probably know this) bananas! We go through them like crazy. This past week we received a very kind donation of a 1/2 case of bananas.

SO hubby gets a banana smoothie with greens every morning.

He takes bananas because they are easy to eat on the run and I found a new use that I was quite happy about…..

flourless pancakes.

the recipe I added a bit of chocolate pizzazz, the original recipe I found at From Away, it couldn’t be easier…….


2 large bananas

4 large eggs

1/4 tsp baking powder (optional but helps make them a bit fluffy)

3 Tbsp of coco powder

Blend all the ingredients up in  a food processor or with an immersion blender and you are ready to cook them up!

Scooping out the mixture into your skillet with 1/4 measuring cup makes the perfect size pancakes and they taste fabulous!

I forgot to take a picture of the banana pancakes.

Peach_moringa_flax_pancakes I’ve been making Peach,  Moringa and flax pancakes for a week or so  –

here’s that recipe.

I got this basic recipe online and then added the items I mentioned, it’s easy to premix the dry ingredients before hand.

We eat a decent amount of pancakes so this is typically doubled – they last a few days that way.  🙂


1 cup   flour                    2 TBS  sugar                   2 tsp baking powder                    1/2 tsp salt

1 cup  milk                      2 TBS oil                          1 large egg                                       1 tsp oil (set aside)

2 TBS dried moringa#                                             2 TBS ground flax seed              1/4 cup chopped frozen peaches


Mix all the dry ingredients ….   mix the wet ingredients in (except 1 tsp oil). Mix until combined (it’s okay for it to be a little lumpy).

Heat a small non-stick skillet on med heat adding the final 1 tsp oil.

When the oil easily runs in the pan use a 1/4 measuring cup to ladle the mixture into the pan.

Cook until edges form and you have some bubbles popping on the top of the pancakes & flip.

Hubby like butter spread across them after they come out of the pan.   Enjoy!

Moringa        # Not sure about Moringa?

Moringa is wonderful tree that can easily be grown (and harvested yourself) in the semi tropics of Florida.

It doesn’t look like much but this little clump of leaves on the top of my tree is often referred to as the miracle tree, and with good reason!

We use it for it’s energy boosting properties, to reduce inflammation, as an antioxidant and a valuable source of a wide assortment of nutrients.

We have several trees (they grow very quickly) allowing me to cut the leaves and dehydrate. I like to dry on my counter rather than use the dehydrator!  Then I use my mortar and pestle to grind it up to powder form. It is so much better than buying powder from an unknown source!


Do your own research to find out about the amazing benefits of this low maintenance powerhouse.

Here are some places to start……   Pssst.   The seeds can even purify water!!   How cool is that.

Discovery Channel documentary:      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqwk9KFLTI0

ECHO:      http://echonet.org/moringa/

Livestrong:       http://www.livestrong.com/article/431418-the-health-benefits-of-moringa-oleifera-plants/



May you know the S.P.i.C.E. in life!



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