Batty Take 2

Today was another Batty day at the Pet Alliance!  (formerly the SPCA)

Link to additional resources here


It was such a satisfying morning. Something about the location makes us so relaxed.  Perhaps it has something to do with all the trees. The location feels more secluded and removed from the hub-bub (even though it’s along a main road).

We had a smaller class of 9 curious 3rd-5th graders today. It was perfect!

One of the benefits to a smaller group is being able to spend more time asking the kids questions about our topic. We were excited to find they were quite a knowledgeable crew.  Over half the group already had an interest in bats, which made our presentation much more fun. When asked, echolocation was nicely summed up by camper, Alex.

My favorite part about the Prezi was seeing the amazed expressions around the room when they learned;

if we were bats at our current size – our fingers would be as long as our legs!

Cassi even told us a story about seeing a bat closeup that had fallen on the ground and appeared to be hurt. They called to have the little guy checked out & make sure it was okay, which it was. By the next morning it was gone, but had left a lasting impression.

As always papercraft is a fun time – most everyone had experience with it, so we dove straight in and finished up the harder part of the bat body quite easily.


SPiCEY son starting our kirigami bat wings.

Kirigami (切り紙) a variation of origami to include cutting paper (from Japanese “kiru” = to cut, “kami” = paper)

All of the resources used have been salvaged & kept from the landfill. Like our paper, the perfect size for making paper creations – which we affixed to a re-purposed popsicle stick or a reclaimed rubber band. Thankfully, this round I didn’t get burned from our hot glue experience (purchased ages ago for a long since completed project).

We finished up a really enjoyable presentation with a group shot of all our lovely bats and participants.



Thank you to the Pet Alliance Sanford, for always making us feel welcome and right at home!

We have 2 butterfly pollination presentations to round out our summer series – we can’t wait to share our experiences.

May you know the SPiCE in life!








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