Prep for butterflies

Next week we do another Batty for Boomerangs class in Sanford.

Batty_stuff_upclose_062714It’s a smaller venue, with around 15 kids so our recycled clothespin batties will likely finish right on time.

It has been a really busy week for our family, so I’m super exited that that we are ready to go…..


Our late July classes for the SPCA summer series are about butterflies.     I have 2 options to choose from which are very different.

* One is a memory game, Butterfly Wit,  where we provide a range of 10 butterfly facts. Each fact  has 2 pictures associated with it. The kids match up the corresponding pictures Butterfly_wit_website_pic copyto stimulate different parts of their brain by using their hands, the visuals and the words.


* The 2nd presentation, Pollination Relation , is to get the kids thinking about the importance of relationships. Like humans, plants and animals need good relationships that benefit both parties. In this presentation, we highlight  a few mutualistic relationships for a butterfly & a moth in Florida. Then we play a game demonstrating pollination – which  provides insight into how difficult that can be while their natural habitats are being lost.

The butterflies programs we are presenting are to middle schooler’s. I am leaning towards the mutualistic relationships, as it’s a more specific topic that we can really delve into, plus it gets them up and moving during the game……

SPiCEY son is a bit nervous presenting to kids that are potentially older than him, but the truth is he naturally teaches people where ever we go.

Earthday2001oval copyFor example; More than 3 years ago he was informally teaching the students at UCF about the plants he could point out in the Arboretum garden – they kept coming up and telling me how impressed they were.  He may be concerned, but I’m certainly not!


My camera needs an overhaul – so stay tuned for more pictures and details.

May you know the SPiCE in life!




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