Batty Take 2

Today was another Batty day at the Pet Alliance!  (formerly the SPCA) Link to additional resources here It was such a satisfying morning. Something about the location makes us so relaxed.  Perhaps it has something to do with all the trees. The location feels more secluded and removed from the hub-bub (even though it’s along a […]

Logo art

Here are a few S.P.i.C.E. logo’s I’ve been playing with for several events. I really like the Batty logo.    This one has yet to be put on a t-shirt successfully (it has to be a really nice all white shirt) but it’s fun none the less. It was designed after our first bamboo class. […]

Prep for butterflies

Next week we do another Batty for Boomerangs class in Sanford. It’s a smaller venue, with around 15 kids so our recycled clothespin batties will likely finish right on time. It has been a really busy week for our family, so I’m super exited that that we are ready to go…..   Our late July classes for […]