We did it – Batty style

Hi everyone,

Man I have been jazzed up all day!  Today is all about putting up more Bat content.

I'm a cute Fruit bat - you won't see me in Florida.

I’m a cute Fruit bat – you won’t see me in Florida.


It started with yesterday’s 9am presentation for the SPCA Orlando location. SPiCEY son had a sleepy shower and did lots of eyerubbing (little known fact – homeschooler’s SLEEP IN).   ;D

While he was doing that, I had the pleasure of seeing a handful of Seminole bats swooping at the edge of our house having their morning fill. Seminole Bat (Lasiurus seminolus)Lasi_semi_locationmap



Lasiurus seminolus location map

SPiCEY son and I decided we were excited  to share phase 2 in our Nectar Noggin series Batty for Boomerangs.

Batty_cactus_popup_upclose We arrived in plenty of time to have campers wander over and ask what we were presenting while they looked at our Batty pop-up informational.

We have a routine; Son sets up and mans the prezi while I stand upfront and talk. We covered some bat basics (like skeleton & species in FL), echolocation cycles and this  spectrogram [voiceprint] of a bat. Spectrogram

As has become our tradition – we did papercraft, technically kirigami with about 25 easy going 3rd-5th graders.  There were a number of kids who had never done origami before, which basically means lots of hands-on showing and repetition.  I have to admit there were a couple of steps that were tricky, we saw a few kids who gave up, BUT there was a big pay off!

SPiCEY son is something of a reluctant teacher. When you SAY to him, “we are going to teach a class” on some subject, he automatically gets nervous.That said, it’s amazing to watch him get into it; he is very patient, and always complimentary, ultimately we spent 2 hours talking and then folding, cutting and gluing.

Batty_reluctant_teacher_Orl062614 It was thrilling to see the room mood transform from mild curiosity to smiles and discussion about their creations at the end. Even the newest to the art and those who had decided they couldn’t bend and fold their paper into a magical creation managed a batty made by them – that they can be happy to take home.


Like this one






Here are some additional pictures.

Learning basics IMG_7120

Batty_ok_whats_next_Orl062614 What’s next?


Wing folds

Wing folds

Displayed creations:

Batty_ponytail_side_Orl062614 Batty_pollination_Orl062614 Batty_braid_Orl062614 Batty_orangenblue_upclose_Orl062614   Batty_resting_Orl062614

I love the natural creativity of kids. The clothespin “batties” turned into hair accessories, pollination machines for their doodle gardens and bats roosting on their hats.  It was a GREAT day!

As we were leaving SPiCEY son said, “That was fun, I would like to teach more classes!”.

Stayed tuned * we have 3 more SPCA classes to visit in July.



This is the SPiCE in life! May you be filled up.











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