Cauliflower Curry- Frugal Friday

SPiCEY hubby was just saying to me that I should create a page for recipes that we love to share SO, this seemed appropriate to be first on the list.

To me cauliflower is totally an unsung hero.

-It’s mild enough to go with any sort of raw veg platter. For the saucy-fanatics pair it with a dip from cheese, or sour cream based right on through to a greens &  cilantro concoction. Really whatever’s in your fridge….

– The old stand by, you can add it in stirfry.

– Roast it with garlic, spices and for the carnivorous, meat (like sausages or turkey) and then sprinkle with shredded cheese for some filling oohy-ahhy goodness.

– You can even make an amazingly wonderful pizza crust (which SPiCEY son and I experience courtesy of my awesome niece). This was surprisingly filling and tasty.

Not to mention cauliflower puree…..

Without further ado, here’s a reposting of a simple and tasty recipe by CityHippyGirl.

If you have never visited her blog -she is well worth frequenting….

Happy eats and may you know the SPiCE in life!


Cauliflower Curry- Frugal Friday.



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