Bats and boomerangs

We are just a day away from our 2nd group of pollinator presentations this season.

The SPCA summer camp is an interesting venue, the kids range from 3rd – 8th grade depending on the week and they are there to learn about animals.   What a perfect place to talk about pollinators and unsung heros ~ like bats!

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bat_pollinating copyWhile not a local bat, this picture of the Southern long-nose is a great visual for seeing how well this species is capable of pollinating deep vase like flowers of tropical plants.   Our 13 species of Florida bats are actually carnivorous (they eat insects, lizards, amphibians, small birds and sometimes other bats.

Eastern_red_bat copyLike this cute little male Eastern red bat. They are happiest in the trees and can be found in Florida. You would have to be mighty observant to notice them, as they often appear to look like a dead leaf.



SPiCEY son and I worked together as usual. I do the extensive base research; sifting through way too much information and whittling it down to something more manageable to choose from. Next son gives his input on the content, the details are honed and son helps getting it just so. Finally, he makes magic happen with his twisty, spinny fun in Prezi that makes it interesting.

I know I’ve mentioned our origami tradition, each year we teach the SPCA kids how to do an animal themed activity. We’ve done seed pets out of clay and homemade paper, origami cats and dogs, inflatable rabbits and we will continue the tradition.

This year’s theme clicks and chirps for a kirigami bat.  Like this one……

kirigami_bat In case you were wondering; this is kirigami for 2 reasons.

1] The cut at the bottom, which allow his feet to be turned out   2} This is actually several pieces of paper that are affixed together (ya know movie magic).

Our batty guy, is featured in our papercraft pop-up, showing a bats flower preferences (below).

Bat_info_coin copy




Boomerangs probably seem completely unrelated to bats – right?

Well, while brainstorming months ago; my niece suggested them as a visual for how echolocation is sent out and returned. I loved the idea so much that Batty for Boomerangs was born.

Thanks Ari! I’ll be sure to mention you in my acceptance speech.     ;}

After Thursday I’ll be putting up the prezi for to watch, along with additional resources for places to find bat viewings, activities, bat house construction plans and more.

For now; here are a couple more sneak peeks.

Batty_clothespin_card  Batty cardholder

SPiCE_battyforboomerangs_sneakpeak copy

May you know the SPiCE in life!





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