Nope – Not a hiatus

I know, you’re right,  these pages have been electronically silent. No dings or strumming guitars telling you there is a new post within SPiCE’s hot slice of cyber space.

The fact is I’ve been in full on creative mode.  Well mostly – life has had it’s share of getting in the way – but even then my brain was a flutter with different ideas that can be worked on.

Okay so let’s get into the latest…….

The last few months have been gathering, planning & writing curriculum. We are focusing on pollination & a seed library.

SPiCEY son and I made our first presentation on Pollination Relations last night.   It got off to a rocky start, since most folks didn’t realize we were presenting after the very engaging Edna Kane from Lukas Nursery. BUT once that got squared away it went fairly well with the time we had.  SPiCEY son did an impressive job of taking us through his prezi, which helped visualize what our hands on creations were all about.

Prezi here    —>

I was pretty happy with how the circle pop up boards turned out.  The basic structures are easy to put together & will be great in the small class setting they are intended for.

                                                                   click images for larger view

Atala_&_butterfly_popups   butterfly_popup Moth_popup Yucca_moth_popup

SPiCEY son and I completed a fair amount in about a week of actual design time:

1.   Our prezi

2. The sewn “butterfly” pollinator

3. 5 pop-ups (4 of them are above)

 Atala front        Atala_plush_back Atala back

The butterfly plush was sewn using this quilting template.  Unfortunately I can’t find my link to the website I got it from……      butterflyquiltpattern

The great thing is we had next to no alterations of the gameplan. Which is a HUGE PLUS, as tweaking for time constraints is a total creativity buzzkill!  ;-P

Chicken_roosting_in_rosemary Today I’m feeling like a mother hen who finally hatched her brood.

These ideas have been floating around in my head since January – so the 5 months it took for our first wave is pretty satisfying. It’s been a bit draining and oddly like a part of me is empty. Maybe that’s just my creativity store depleted. LOL      Ah ha!! I just had a great idea, which happily fills up that creative toolbox……..   And that leads me to my next topic [project].

We have gotten confirmation that the Girl Scout events are a G-O!  This is huge!!!    Possibly 1,000 girls at the first event, huge…… and then 11 subsequent events/classes.

Lots of fun and inspiration coming.  🙂

We are SO excited and I’m already brimming with ideas <the inspiration I just had>.

Next week, we start our 4th year of SPCA presentations. Our topic is …….   yep – pollination.  Specifically bats and butterflies/moths.


SPiCEY son is finishing  the bat prezi for early next week and the 1st pop-up is ready to go. All in all – it’s feeling like we are in pretty good shape.

The words above don’t really put much weight to the amount of time spent – So for giggles; here’s an estimate on the Pollination Relation project.

Research topic = 25 hrs   /  Research visual design = 15 hrs  /  pop-up (x5) = 60 hrs  /  butterfly plush = 10 hrs  /  prezi = 5 hrs       Have you tallied?

That 115 hrs.     Anyone who says art & education aren’t hard work is selling something.  ;P



                                                                             More information and resources:

The closest local resources for butterfly items and information is Lukas Nursery’s Butterfly encounter. You can visit the butterflies and quail, as well as pick up host & nectar plants.

Pollinator Partnership  (} has many interesting articles and resources for you to peruse .   Including the regional planting guide below.

This chart was very helpful in providing the generic info for the pop-ups.
pollinator chart


Our Pollinator Relation game is adapted from the Science and Health education partnership website.  (

Here’s their pollinator lesson plan.

Here’s the circle pop tutorial I found. Huge paper awesomeness here!!   I adapted and will be writing a tutorial for class in the future.




As we were driving home last night I again asked myself;

Why exactly do you do this? Is it worth all the effort? I keep coming back to one idea.  

If not me, then who? If not now, then when?    

To me, teaching kids real world information in an atypical method is worth doing.

Nothing worth doing comes instantly.

Our kids, every of ’em, deserve to get the best possible education we can provide.

If I can spark passion in 1 child – about nature and the gentle role humans can play in it , then mission accomplished!



May you know the SPiCE in life.

Peace and love.



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