May nearly gone

Well time sure does fly when you are busy ….

We’ve spent more time planning classes and volunteering this month. We’ve been to 2 Disney cast event’s for Earth Month, Disney’s Flower and Garden Festival twice since my last post.

IMG_20140427_093746 At Disney’s Flower & Garden Festival

Put together a Local Food poster for most recent trip it is based on resources in the Simple Living Local Food Guide we contributed to last fall.


Designed 2 hands on pollinator classes we will be featuring at places like  Simple Living’s June’s Organic Grower’s meeting about Butterflies and the SPCA summer camps.

Lysandra belargus

We even put together an event proposal for the local Girl Scouts council to get the kids more connected with nature.

In between, we’ve done bulk food orders – visited our friends on the farm – made queso blanco – cheered our friends on at the State Odyssey of the Mind Championships –  visited the beach and so much more.IMG_20140331_160055sandkeypark

As we head into June;   we will be presenting our pollinator classes and fleshing out our plans for classes to start in the fall.

Along with a Green Girls series, Eco Girls 2, I’m considering a hands-on anatomy class.  We will also being doing farm tours, working towards a project related to citrus greening, repeating our bamboo flute making class and learning to make sourdough bread.

IMAG1894        Phew!  I better get back to it……

May you know the S.P.i.C.E. in life



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