Garden schooling

Today was a banner day. It was one you mark on a calendar as perfect – or even think, wow I hit that out of the park! Hubby and I started S.P.i.C.E. and homeschooling because we wanted to be able to provide unique – hands on experiences – impacting families for a lifetime.Life starts with a garden

By accidental foresight we had one of those days, the best part —  it was, totally unplanned.

I have to admit I’m NOT a huge Facebook fan. I know, I know – but honestly the information that is “floating out in technology” that we beings put out for others to use [yes I said USE] is mind boggling (and a rant for another day).

Anyway, I use FB primarily for connecting with people who like me, believe that we must take back our food source, about six months ago I tripped over FB seed trading groups and decided to try it out. Let me just say it is totally addicting!

So a few months ago; an awesome seed trader came out with details of a “seed box train for kids”. The idea was to sign up your kids for a box that would have donated seeds from companies like Baker’s Creek and Annie’s Heirlooms. The box is stuff and then shipped around the country for 40+ kids to pick through  – all this to inspire them to try their hand at gardening.

Guess what? The Greener Shoots for new Roots box came today!     We had a very different plan for this mild weather Friday. No sooner than the doorbell rang, and I picked up the innocent looking box, did everything else fade into the background.IMG_20140328_115729

With much enthusiasm- SPiCEY son sliced open the tape to reveal, an absolutely jam packed box with all sorts of growing goodness. Just about everything you can imagine.

All told we were at it for 5 hours! Culling through seed bag after seed bag so SPiCEY son can have seeds to start his own special area. As the excitement began to dwindle (around hour 3), we dusted off our origami skills and made/filled seed packs for several more hours. Then sealed it back up, all nice and snug to send to the next awaiting family.IMG_20140328_171217

We had awesome discussions; like why there are concerns over GMO seeds, why heirloom seeds are worth getting, noticing the amazing differences in seed shapes & sizes, thinking about what types of flowers the bees & moths are attracted to, and many times we expressed wonder at the seemingly endless amount of diverse beauty found in nature.

Not only do we have special seeds- just for SPiCEY son to grow, we also have a whole group of kids to connect with in a new way. We can plot their locations on a US Map, catalog details about what is growing well, delve into areas of the Country, research weather conditions, notice patterns and trends & get into history. Did I mention, writing all of this in a format that makes sense, calculating facts and figures as we gather data from other families and I’m confident we could use graphs and charts to demonstrate visually what all 30 plus families are experiencing in their new found gardens.


There are literally endless paths to take this wonderful experience and we are so looking forward to the journey!

Stay tuned as we will be capturing all the fun right here.


May you know the SPiCE in life!




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