Canning Extravaganza!!

Whew another whirlwind day!

S.P.i.C.E. sponsored a Canning class at our wonderful friend Fran’s.

We spent 4 hours with homeschool families and friends alike sharing Fran’s knowledge.

First up ~ we learned how to use a pressure cooker making canned tomatoes. It was so inspiring to see kids from ages 9-12 all together washing, peeling & smashing tomatoes before they spent time a cookin’.


Fran talking “canning basics”

Image  Next the kids and adults enjoyed getting strawberries prepped for making a yummy strawberry jam. The house smelled absolutely divine as the jars were loaded for their hot water bath.  This morning we had a delightful breakfast of local eggs, kale from the garden and of course heavenly strawberry jam.

The class ended with using a few pounds of strawberries and showing them how to dehydrate them for snacks – Fran shared  such a clever trick – to get an even slice put the strawberries through an egg slicer, it works like a charm !

Everyone took home yummy food we made, but we didn’t stop there……

Did I mention our time feeding  the sweet little bunnies or checking out what’s in the backyard?

Bunny fix!

Bunny fix!




Fran's suburban garden

Fran’s suburban garden






It was a wonderful day!

There were a number of moments, where my heart just sang – watching the kids grazing from the garden,  working together and discussing how to put the food by.

These are the experiences we at S.P.i.C.E. live to share and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

A huge thank you to Fran for sharing her knowledge and home, can’t wait to do it again.

Stay tuned for more pictures 🙂

May you know the SPiCE in life!



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