The Green Wood Horse?!

Welcome to 2014!

And with 2014 it brings another member of the Chinese Zodiac, THE… Green Wood Horse!

ALL HAIL THE WOOD HORSE! ALL HAIL THE WOOD HORSE! No seriously the Chinese New Year began Friday, and festivities are still going strong. We are all  excited! If you want some paper festive cheer, then you came to the right place!

We will be making a more traditional horse, it has many steps but if you go slow I know you can do it!  This horse uses the art of folding/cutting called kirigami.


Here’s your finished product

1. Start with the paper color side down.

Start with the color side down

2. Fold from corner to corner diagonally.

IMAG1825         IMAG1827

3. Repeat on the triangle.

IMAG1829 IMAG1830

4. Open a flap and fold into a square.

IMAG1832 IMAG1833

5. Turn over and repeat to get a square.

IMAG1835 IMAG1836

6. Fold a side in to the middle.

IMAG1840 IMAG1842

7. Then fold the top down.

IMAG1844 IMAG1845

8. Unfold


9. Cut down the middle.


10. Open one half so it looks like this.

IMAG1856 IMAG1857

11. Then open the other side.


12. Then fold in a corner a little.

IMAG1862 (1)

13. Repeat on the other side.


14. Next fold in half.


15. Do the same on the other side.

IMAG1866 (1)

16. Flip over and repeat steps 10-15 to get this.


17. Then fold over on both sides


18. Unfold. Fold down in.


19. Then open and push down.


20. Close on your fold so it looks like this.


21. And there you go!

IMAG1888   IMAG1890

Congratulations! You just made a kirigami Horse!

Since it is NOW year of the wood horse, I made a pixel art sketch in gimp (I am doing a mod class (HINT) with it so I created this!) 🙂

———->   ———–> ———–> ————–>scale


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