Bamboo flutes abound!!

Yesterday was a perfect day!

Despite the initially concerning weather, we had 17 lovely folks making bamboo flutes at the Beautiful Bamboo Farm.

– We started with a brief history overview. Then a couple of us at a time, learned how to cut the bamboo for our desired tone.

– Mark and drill our holes ……..

20140201_135934_resized                                  1604472_653920861316965_1607013067_n

– Watched as our flute’s holes were burned to help clean them up and avoid cracking


Using the burn tool to complete our finger holes

– And finally; sanded, sanded some more and decorated


Our class setting, amongst the hundreds of elegantly swaying bamboo, was a calming and inspiring location with plenty of exploring as the kids ran around in teams to locate facts about plants on the farm.


With a teacher that has such passion and palpable excitement for making flutes, it was sure to translate into gorgeous beginner flutes for us all.


Several finished flutes

We were blessed with impromptu music on various flutes Ryan has made.


Flute demonstration

Ryan is a “master craftsman” in the making and this young guy is well worth following.  A huge THANK YOU to him for a knowledgeable, well thought out presentation and hands-on experience. Thank you to Beautiful Bamboo for hosting as well as our awesome participants.

Our family has had a fantastic time producing our first quality tones, and beginning flutes classes today.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress.

May you know the SPiCE in life!



Photos courtesy of I. Hopkins, K. Graham, C. Wardlow & J. White


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