Your hands do the learning …

I believe that kids are innately kinesthetic learners and as such we are constantly on the look out for  unusual experiences that provide hands-on learning.

We love sharing what we find ……

Over this past week we went to a STEM event (science, technology, engineering & mathematics);

*  We made dog toys for a local shelter with the wonderful Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots.  This was super easy and fun. It’s simply fleece cut into approx 3″ wide strips and however long you wish.  Take 3 pieces & braid them together and knot on both ends.


* Spent time with an Opossum. They are amazingly soft (who knew?). Their ears are so soft, sweet and expressive. This rescue, Maggie, loved to lick my fingers and give her handler hugs. So sweet!


* Used clay to learn about the human body & making much loved characters, like Yoshi (sticking his tongue out).


We visited a site where we will be doing some adult learning  (and beyond). SPiCEY Son made his own gluten free bread [which his dear SPiCEY mom forgot about and burned] .

* Yummy gluten free bread – I’m so sad that I left it in the oven too long. We have decided to take our friends advice and make breadcrumbs with it.      🙂

IMAG1650-1 IMAG1658

and the “Belle of the Ball” ….. we took an awesome cotton spinning class.

* Watching the basics to spinning cotton.


We’ve had a fantastic week!

What interesting experiences have you all had that you can share?

May you know the SPiCE in life!



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