Endless origami – Traditional Crane

SPiCEY Son has been interested in origami for over half his life.  To be honest he really couldn’t fold a straight line when he started. His fascination with the beautiful designs  over shadowed his fumbled early attempts and he refused to give up.

Over the years he has put his interest aside from time to time, but always come back to it with more skill and wider interest.

Each summer we volunteer at the SPCA; teaching a sustainability, ecological gardening class. It has become a tradition for SS to show them how to do some sort of related origami.

The following are for a traditional Origami Crane

Don’t let the number of folds intimidate you, go slow and look carefully at the folds.  SPiCEY Son had to show me how to do this several times before I could help others as he led the class –   😀

  • Origami paper has a specific water vs pulp ratio which helps the creases be extremely crisp. It isn’t necessary but it DOES help.
  • Using  paper that is colored on one side helps to keep track of your folds.
  • Good creases are key to having good origami. Take your time to line up the edges, use your thumbnail or something flat to help with getting a good crease.

Enjoy and may you know the SPiCE of life!



Lay your piece of paper on a flat surface color side down.


Then fold it in half diagonally.


Then fold it in half again in the other direction(diagonally).

IMAG1512   IMAG1513

Next you bring one side up and open it.

IMAG1514  IMAG1515

Then flatten it down to look like a square on one side. Also flip on to the other side.

IMAG1516  IMAG1517

Then do the same thing until it looks like a square.


Next fold the flaps to the inside line.

IMAG1520  IMAG1521

Turn it over and do the same thing on the other side.

IMAG1522   IMAG1523

If you made it this far then you did very good! Then you have to Fold the top piece down for an upcoming fold.

IMAG1524  IMAG1525

Unfold and turn over to the other side to repeat the same process.

IMAG1526  IMAG1527  IMAG1528


IMAG1529  IMAG1530

Repeat on the other side.


Then open the front flap.


Fold up and flip to the other side.

IMAG1536  IMAG1537

Repeat to get this.


Now you must fold the little flaps in to the middle .


Turn over and do the same thing on the other side.


Then you need to open the side flaps.IMAG1543IMAG1545 

Next fold  the flap up .

IMAG1547  IMAG1550

then you need to squash it in.


Then do the other side.


Now we make the head and tail, pull out the section you folded in on and when in place squash.

IMAG1557  IMAG1558

Then do the same thing on the other side.


Now is when you make your head.Choose the nicest side, that will be your head. For a simple head just fold a section of the neck over.IMAG1560IMAG1561 But if you want it more complex than you fold in and then squash.

IMAG1562 IMAG1564IMAG1566

Now for the wings…

fold one side down to wherever you want them ( they only go so far).IMAG1568

Then fold the other one down so that they are flush.


Stay tuned for more origami in the future



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