Heritage card garden reveal

Hi ya all –

Wishing you a special 2013 Holiday season!                                         winter_break

We made the picture below as part of a Holiday card for our home school community “Heritage card swap”. Or biggest traditions center around sharing our love for gardening – especially during this season.

Hertiage Card flattened                                                     (click on picture to see a larger view)

The picture is of our in-progress garden.

How many plants can you find?

Most are fruits & vegetables but there are some nectary plants, flowers & groundcover  ~




Okay here’s the list:

1. asparagus

2. our rockin’ banana tree

3. bean

4. beet

5. broccoli

6. carrot

7. cattails (yep, they are edible)

8. celery

9. clover

10. flax (it’s a nectary, but we use it in lots of cooking – the flower is adorning santa’s hat)

11. lemon

12. onion

13. pear

14. pineapple

15. plum

16. smilax vine (it’s climbing the banana tree)

17. strawberries

18. swiss chard

19. sunflowers (I’m adding here because you can eat the seeds)

– There are a number of flower types to represent nectary plants that bring in bees, butterflies & beneficial bugs

– The green tall leaved plant (the 1 below the Stawberry Xmas tree) represent the many plants & herbs that are companions to (& benefit) our edibles.

– The group of yellow flowered plants [under the santa hat] look sort of like perennial peanut & represent  the enormously important group of “ground cover” plants.

Well that about covers it (okay – that was a bad pun).  ;D

It was so much fun designing the card.

Hopefully you & your kiddos had fun searching for the different plants and had interesting discussions along the way.

May you know the SPiCE in life!





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