What is a dynamic accumulator sock? (And how to make one)

Love Steve’s way of slowing down the water, finding a value in his own space & trying to keep nutrients & soil from from being put into the water stream rather than to good use!!

This is a perfect example of using a good design of nature (soil & plant absorbing water & nutrients) mixed with a little human tech (ingenuity) is all about!
This is awesome!!

May you know the the SPiCE in life.

Urban GreenSpace

One of the things I love about my job is being able to indulge my creative urges and get into some product design from time to time. This idea came to me whilst I was dividing up comfrey roots last winter.  Comfrey (as no doubt most of you will know) is what permies refer to as a dynamic accumulator.
As I am in the business of nutrient cycling, I feel it is an obligation to minimize the amount of nutrients and particulate matter I create from entering waterways. This item helps achieve this nicely by trapping the sediment and accumulating the nutrients from it as well as slowing down water in rain events.

Now seeing as my neighbour at home is one of those lovely old ladies who likes to sweep her concrete front yard, backyard and path with a hose, she manages to sweep a load of sediment…

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