Central Florida Exploration / observe your surroundings

We recently had the privilege to tour the Bamboo Leaf Tea company, what an amazing space!

It’s funny that the storms rolled in while we were driving up, we did our previous bamboo totur in between raindrops as well.

This gorgeous being welcomed us at the entrance…..  Of course I had to hop out and take pictures. We were off to a great start!


I have no idea how many varieties of bamboo we saw, it was hard to keep up with the names and all their attributes, but here are some of the tidbits I did pick up.

Check out this awesome blue bamboo… Interestingly, this variety is thin walled and sounds almost hollow  when you tap it. It also prefers to have some shade and is difficult to propagate.


Near the base of this variety it is “Budda like”…


Another variety that makes amazing bamboo tea… In fact this corridor is harvested between January and March when it is the driest time in Central Florida. The plant’s leaves have the best flavor because they have less water.


This runner variety has sent rhizomes up all around me for at least 10 feet. The whole area will soon be covered unless its is mowed down.


There is a bamboo close to the front of the property which is  also a runner variety, it is held in check by water. YEP, good old fashioned water! The pictures didn’t turn out well because of the wind, but the space beside the bamboo gets waterlogged and the runner can’t take hold in that spot.

bamboo - bambooleafteacompany

Here is a variety that was cut to the ground in the springtime, the canes must be 15 feet tall, in only 6 months.  Now that is vigorous!!!

With good food, including homemade bread, superb lemongrass bamboo tea, cooked bamboo shoots and lots of talking about plants the night was divine.

* Did you know that bamboo gives off 30% more oxygen than trees?

* It can be harvested every year after 4-5years as opposed to 1 time every 20 to 50 years, yielding 20x’s more timber than trees.

* It also self generates without human intervention.

There are so many more functions and ability to bamboo. It’s near impossible to state them all.  I had the pleasure of planting bamboo in my backyard. We will be using it as a privacy screen, a shade enhancer, to improve our view outdoors, possibly the occasional addition to a meal.

What do you use bamboo for?

My parting thoughts:

We humans would do well to be more like bamboo. ‘Tis the perfect example of purity in nature. Bamboo is diverse, multi-fuctional, forgiving, radical, natural, nurturing, flexible, resilient, peaceful & awe inspiring.

May you know the SPiCE in life.


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