Central Florida Local Food Guide article – sneak peak!

We enjoy volunteering to help educate about growing food and are always looking for more opportunities to provide children, in particular, with a good knowledge of where our food comes from and how all of us can grow some amount of food we eat in our own home.

The goal of the  CFL Local Food Guide is helping you and your family make local food connections. Here is a portion of an article written from an 11yr old’s perspective after interviewing and visiting places in the 7 counties being featured.

…. Cinthia Sandoval at Wild Ocean Seafood – Titusville, told me the store has been there about 10 yrs. The company has a long history and been at the Port Canaveral docks about 30 yrs. They also opened a take-out kitchen in Titusville in  August. Wild Ocean Seafood catches 1 Million pounds of shrimp a year!  Most of it is trucked off to different states, because there isn’t enough demand in Florida. They work with about 20 shrimp boats annually, ½ of what it was, due to changes in regulations and imported seafood making it harder to be profitable. Being in the seafood business is very difficult, because about 84% of American’s eat imported seafood. Wild Ocean Seafood does tours for the Canaveral Cruise lines and 3rd graders in Brevard County, teaching kids and adults about the benefits of eating a diverse variety of seafood.  Shrimp are an annual species, meaning they die after a year, the following year a new population is born. Cinthia says it’s fun to work in the seafood business, because she talks to people about the 80 species of local fish we can eat. Free tours are done upon request. We are looking forward to our “processing tour” in September. A million pounds of shrimp and 20 shrimp boats seems like a lot to me even though it’s not .


  Shrimp boat “The Wild Catch”

SPiCEY son and I will be taking the September processing tour at Wild Ocean Seafood and are looking forward to providing details afterward.

May you know the SPiCE in life.



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