A Keystone what? That isn’t important to me …..

Actually Keystone species ARE quite important to all of us. The beaver is one of the most interesting to me. I heard a very funny story yesterday ……… The gist is that a property owner was sent a complaint by his local governmental body indicating many negative effects after the dam broke loose on his […]

What are you teaching today?

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi Let us teach that which aids our children in living harmoniously with Nature and makes the world around us a better place. May you know the SPiCE in life. AS

It was a “What we had in the fridge” lunch

Today was a good day for “using what we have”. Lunch was a little leftover smoothie that I made since SPiCEY Son didn’t feel like eating just Honeydew melon. Instead he got WAY more than he bargained for – and loved it. 😀 Today’s batch was made up of: Honeydew, banana, whole strawberries (I had […]

AR sandbox with Oliver Kreylos

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6fSS3cynDo   Now THIS is learning with purpose and style. We at S.P.i.C.E. aim to use innovative strategies and real life, to help children gain skills they can apply and extrapolate for other purposes. I would LOVE to make one of these tables and have classes. SPICEY Son was really excited about the raining feature. […]

Time on the farm – Wildflower Farm

Have you ever experienced something when you were young that you didn’t truly appreciate until you were older? That is what our visit at Wildflower Farm was like for me. I have come to the conclusion that like many, my early years have truly shaped me. This foundation has also helped me find peace and […]

Central Florida Exploration / observe your surroundings

We recently had the privilege to tour the Bamboo Leaf Tea company, what an amazing space! It’s funny that the storms rolled in while we were driving up, we did our previous bamboo totur in between raindrops as well. This gorgeous being welcomed us at the entrance…..  Of course I had to hop out and take pictures. […]

Central Florida Local Food Guide article – sneak peak!

We enjoy volunteering to help educate about growing food and are always looking for more opportunities to provide children, in particular, with a good knowledge of where our food comes from and how all of us can grow some amount of food we eat in our own home. The goal of the  CFL Local Food […]