About Rainwater ….

We are looking forward to new pictures and an update on his blog Paradise Lot from Eric once he returns from Colorado. He has been teaching classes on Rainwater Harvesting and Edible Forest Gardens!

We have our water catchment designed in a loose a plan with several towers to appear as “play houses” from the road. Alas, we are still working on installing the gutters before we can start working on the water catchment piece and much much more. One step at a time, I keep reminding myself!

This is what the spot looked like a month ago. Crop circles anyone?


First up we need to complete the contour map of the yard (a Homeschooling project for a cool day I keep telling myself, LOL!)

In my travels I am always looking for innovative ideas to help inspire more ingenuity in our design.

I came across Kevin Songer’s blog in Florida and was excited to see their take on water harvesting between two buildings.

The water is sunk in the ground by way of a bioswale. VERY cool stuff at work here. I think we need to play with the idea of sinking the water in a few spots where the ground is actually moldy on the top portion from it not permeating.

We have decided to push our water out about 20-30 feet (gravity fed ) so that we can use it as a secondary watering system for our banana circle, grow on the trellis that will support the water trough, in addition to providing some shade on the western side of our very sunny yard. The micro-climate should prove very interesting for experimenting with all variety of plants.

Here’s my VERY rudimentary version showing some of the aspects we are planning. Once we get the contour done then we will be doing an overlay drawing to help with changes and stacking in time.


Pretty much wherever you see tall grass will be some type of edible or usable plant space. We are particularly interested in perennials, so I have been researching lists of plants for awhile now. What are your favorites?

What types of rain harvesting do you use? How do you stack functions to get the most out the water before it moves from your property?

May you know the SPiCE in life.



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