Blowing in the wind

It was a wonderful afternoon to drive out to the farm – Beautiful Bamboo Farm to be exact. We timed arrival quite happily between raindrops (apparently a storm had just blown through before we pulled in, and another one chased us out a little while later).

Jennifer Baehne kindly showed us around; explaining about the many varieties they carry and that while runner types can be invasive here in Florida, the variety they sell most are called clumping bamboo. A clumping variety’s grows much more like a tree – while runners have rhizomes that lay horizontally in the ground and can send up shoots as far away as the main cane is tall, that can be as much as 70 feet!

We brought home a fun fact sheet that helped remind me why this plant has always amazed us……

* Did you know that bamboo is actually a grass?

* It is also the fastest growing woody plant on Earth.

* Bamboo grows to it’s full height within 3 months, whether it is a dwarf variety that gets 10 feet tall or a variety that gets to 70 feet.

* Bamboo detoxifies wastewater and improves soil quality through its consumption of nitrogen

* Bamboo buildings are extremely sturdy, withstanding earthquakes of a 9.0 magnitude

* Bamboo foliage has up to 22% protein, animals and people alike love them

While Jennifer helped us pick out varieties for our small ecological gardens, she told us another customer was picking out bamboo to make his own flutes, and that she even had a customer who used parts of bamboo to make bows.

We got to talking to the flute maker and found out he too is home schooled and started making his own flutes out of bamboo after researching pvc and wood – settling upon bamboo as a local, natural, healthy material. We even had a rare treat of hearing him play his flute.

While he is a beginner at creating flutes, we hope to purchase a commissioned flute for a friend soon.

Image Graceful Bamboo

We were so impressed with the farm, the ambiance of the leaves rustling in the ample wind and the happen-stance of meeting some of Beautiful Bamboo Farm’s wide customer base, that we will absolutely be going back to obtain the beginnings of our privacy border and outdoor living space

Feel free to check out their website for wonderful information and products.

May you find the SPiCE in life.



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