Wed reflections

It’s a WOW Wednesday. The last 3 days have been full of interviews and tours of a worm farm, a seafood company and an orange grove. It was very informative and fun.  Looking forward to blogging these details and doing the write up for the Local Food Guide.

Thought of the day:

Things aren’t always as they seem…………

Take the Orange for example. It has GREEN skin when ripe, that is until it is sprayed with chemicals and then coated with #5 Red dye.

Image   Who knew?

You may be thinking ….  I knew that, what’s the big deal? Well – I would rather just eat them right off the tree and in their beautiful green-ness than ingest the chemicals to make it seem something it’s not.

It’s sort of like picking your own tomatoes out of the garden vs. eating a tomato from the store. If you have ever had this experience, you know there isn’t ANY comparison.

So the question is why do we support these horribly backward and detrimental practices?  For the sake of commerce? Putting the $ above our health is counter productive, when our children are not able to sustain themselves due to illness that the previous generations have induced.


We can’t claim ignorance !  Vote with your $.

May you know the SPiCE of life



2 thoughts on “Wed reflections

  1. Someone asked what variety of orange is green when it is ripe. The answer all of them! The interesting thing about oranges is they are ripe BEFORE they turn orange. Once they have turned orange they are actually closer to being over ripe. — If you are picking them from a tree, you know it is ripe if it comes off the stem with a gentle pull. AS

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