Ed – Turtles

We are preparing for an interview with a seafood company regarding teaching children about local food and sustainability. To be more prepared, we looked around on their website and found an interesting video on “How Shrimp Boats Work”.



This lead us to watching videos and learning about Sea Turtles. The turtle watch season just ended, and we sadly missed our planned watch.

So this info seemed fun and appropriate.

Their are 7 species of Sea Turtles. You can find an overview and a fact sheet about each here.   http://seaturtles.org/section.php?id=65



We also cross referenced Discovery and BBC Nature as they each had a few facts about the species that the other did not. 



SPiCEY son and I watched videos of ” A baby turtle’s trek to the ocean” for several species. He wondered aloud how the videos where made, so perhaps we will research that for a future post.

Next, we headed to research and learn about Marine Sanctuaries from Science Net Links.  http://sciencenetlinks.com/lessons/marine-sanctuaries/

We also checked out National Environmental Education Week site, http://www.eeweek.org/, which had some interest app’s (I’m going to search for more) but am considering using the Nature’s Notebook for logging our experiences.

My up-close and personal:  I rescued a turtle a month or so back.

I was driving by as this large soft shelled turtle was plodding it’s way across a road by our house (away from the water), as I stopped and jumped out, a car narrowly missed it and I became really concerned. 

This beautiful creature was big enough that I could have barely circled my arms around the outside of it’s shell. Anyway – having no experience with one this size, I grabbed the large center part of each side of it’s back and picked it up our of the road. Well sure enough, it’s huge feet start working to dislodge me. One of it’s toe nails was the almost the length of my pinkie, so I was quite wary, especially since it could reach my hands. In my haste to get it back towards the water, I dropped the turtle upside down in the grass. Did I feel TERRIBLE! The one benefit is that it quickly righted itself and went tearing off (as turtles go – it was super fast) for the water – seemingly unhurt. 

I found out later from a form vet-tech friend, that for a turtle that size you grip right behind the neck and above the tail. 

I was just so happy it went back to the water!!

May you find the SPiCE in life!






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