Okeanos exploration update 8/14

Since I just missed the live feeds yesterday (9-4 EST) I was determined to watch it today.

I am amazed by the colors on the ocean floor. They stand out in  particular against the stark contrast of the pea soup color they grow upon. All of these little colonies sort of pop out at you as they move on-screen.

In the past few hours or so, in this small little area, the crew identified at least 8 different types of coral – such as: bamboo coral /  cup coral / octa coral / black coral / flytrap anemone and others I couldn’t pronounce or didn’t catch the name of amid their scientific names LOL. We also got to see  a squat lobster, flat fish, urchin and sadly ribbon coiled around a dead coral skeleton…. The geologist asked whether it killed the coral (which I was wondering too), but it’s anyone’s guess.

Towards the end, we enjoyed checking out an octopus clinging under a ledge of the NE wall, a squid gliding through the waters and a coral that had all kinds of cool little animals housed there.

All of this makes me think about bio-diversity and how important it is to a healthy system – this holds true for just about every aspect of life (even people).  🙂

I hope they log a a picture of the “field of coral” we saw earlier on their site – it was so awesome. It’s not going to be available today, so below is a picture from a previous dive of bamboo coral. This doesn’t really do what we saw today justice but I just love the idea of bamboo being under the ocean. 🙂

Bramble bamboo coral

It’s hard not to be glued to this exploration, so it has been streaming on our desktop all morning – I moved to the laptop, so we could watch it while doing other activities in the same room.

It’s time to move on for the day.

May you find the SPiCE in life.



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